Leap Motion to get Integrated into a Keyboard with a Price Tag of $99


You Can Finally Get a Standalone Leap Motion-Powered KeyboardRecently, Leap had unveiled the v2 of it’s Software which dramatically improved accuracy, convenience, etc. Now, Leap has announced that another variant of Leap, called the Leap Motion Keyboard will be sold off for $99.

A Neater Setup

So if you feel like connecting an external USB device or buying specific HP PCs (Which have it integrated) is too much of a hassle, Leap has got you covered with it’s Leap Motion Keyboard, which is basically the Leap Motion integrated and neatly hidden away from your sight in a Keyboard.

Whoa, Whoa, Rewind a Bit, What is the Leap Motion?

A Brief Description: The Leap Motion is a small device plugging into your USB port, monitoring the space in front of it. It can detect your hand motions with high accuracy, supposedly surpassing that of even the Kinect.

Things to Do

Now all they need to do is build their app ecosystem, as while there are a few apps and games in the Leap App Store, there isn’t something particularly compelling. Some interesting uses: 3D Modelling, Games, etc.

This will be compatible with your PC if your have wither Windows 7 or Windows 8 installed and this is regardless of the software you have installed (Even if you have not updated, it will work).


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