It’s 2021, and digital defence is an essential factor to look after. With emerging technology, one needs to protect themselves from online threats, cyberattacks, phishing scams, especially in Singapore. Cybercrimes are rising rapidly regardless of business type. Confidentiality is very important to any business, small or big. However, when it comes to business type, smaller businesses are more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Taking steps against threats

Amid the global crisis, in the fight against online domain threats, prevention is key, and everyone has a part to play in keeping themselves safe and secure. Especially, Singaporeans need to monitor and actively combat digital threats such as phishing attempts and infiltration. Therefore, you need to be aware of current cybersecurity concerns and learn how to combat this threat personally. For example, use strong passwords and make sure that your passwords and user IDs are not based on personal information such as names and birthdays.

In a way, updating your antivirus software regularly is also a vital step to digital defence Singapore. Similarly, don’t post personal financial information in public spaces online. You should also practice good cybersecurity habits such as awareness and checking fraudsters before clicking on unknown links or attachments in suspicious emails, and enable automatic software updates and two-factor authentication (2FA) for online transactions.

Hiring cybersecurity professionals 

If you are someone who does all things considered above but is still worried about security, you may hire experts for solutions. Cybersecurity professionals only work to prevent cyberattacks by ‘fixing’ potential issues in your network before malicious users exploit them. Additionally, cybersecurity professionals will handle clean up after cyber attacks and security breaches only for you at an affordable price. Here are a few benefits of hiring specialists at the right time.

  • Protects Your Business
  • Saves Personal Info
  • Allows Employees to Work Safely
  • Protects Productivity
  • Stop Your Website from Going Down
  • Denies Spyware
  • Stops Viruses
  • A Consolidated Solution
  • Protect Companies Goodwill

Also, it would be best if you recognized that your actions affect others in the community. To protect your community, you need to build digital literacy as individuals. Firstly, start helping friends and family members who need additional help learning to use technology safely and securely. You can also actively participate in digital defence Singapore literacy resources and activities by encouraging friends and family to use such measures to protect themselves from cyberattacks and ask them to share with their family and friends so that the lesson of how to use technology safely and responsibly completes its way.

Anika Trey