The boom in online shopping has only been bolstered by the pandemic, where we all turned to websites for our retail needs. More than ever, companies are focusing on their online presence, and importantly, providing a great experience for their customers. It’s now more necessary than it ever has been to give shoppers a user-friendly and innovative online experience. In this article, we delve into the importance of a great online experience and what it means for your business.

Online shopping is the present and the future

An excellent online experience is primarily important because it’s our present and future in terms of retail shopping. With many consumers opting for searching online rather than venturing to shops, it’s important to place a huge focus on creating a great experience for them online. Web shopping shows no signs of slowing in popularity, so it’s vital to place focus on your online presence as a business.

It helps to build a great reputation

Having a user-friendly and innovative online presence helps to garner a positive and solid reputation for your business or brand. In the age of social media, popularity and a good reputation mean more shares and discussions on online platforms. All of this is integral to expanding your customer reach and tapping into new markets.

Gains you repeat business

Websites that are easy and pleasing to use, with quality content and service, gain repeat business. Returning customers are really important to the success of your business. These consumers are also likely to recommend your products or services to friends and family, expanding your customer reach yet again. Compared to new customers, repeat buyers commonly spend more money and are much more likely to try any new products or services your business launches. Maintaining a great online experience is a key way to secure this all-important repeat business.

Customer satisfaction means more than it ever has

According to Forbes, companies across the world have an average customer satisfaction rating of 86%. This starkly highlights the importance businesses are now placing on keeping customers happy and satisfied. In a world where it’s hard to stand out using products and services alone, great customer service and an excellent online experience are the combined way to gain a good reputation and repeat business.

In conclusion, it’s impossible to deny the importance of a great online experience for your customers. This lies not only within great customer service but also in an innovative, interactive and user-friendly website experience. A website design by Identify Digital provides businesses and brands with a functional and innovative platform to boost their online presence. Based in Wakefield, we take pride in assisting local companies to achieve their business and website goals. Get in touch with us today to discuss the future of your website and how we can help you build an incredible online experience for your customers.

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Anika Trey