SEO is a vast field. There are specific SEO practices that help organic and local search rankings. In this post, we are going to look at these concepts and how do they differ from each other.

About A Local Search

Local SEO is implemented by considering the geographical location.  So, if a user performs a location-based search for any industry, then the search engine figures out that it has local intent. Looking at the needs of the customer, the search engines will provide the best thing that the user looks for.

Thus, a local SEO optimizes the online presence of a website in such a way that it shows up in the local searches. To give you the best local search results, search engines make use of a hundred factors for ranking and indexing a website in searches. This includes outbound links, inbound links, grammar, keywords, etc.

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About An Organic Search

The organic search takes place when the search engine knows that there is no local intent present in the search. In other words, the searcher only looks for the content and not any specific location.

How Do Local And Organic Search Engines Relate?

So, here are a few things that will help you understand how local and organic search engines relate to each other.

Local SEO is all about locations. It aims at building credibility and getting higher customer ratings. Organic SEO is implemented by websites that may or may not have a geographic location. It could be related to location but does not entirely depend on local searches.

Organic SEO is a combination of social media profiles, blogs, articles, businesses, news, etc. Pure organic search results are completely independent of a location.

Local SEO is essentially linked to a brick-and-mortar business. It mandatorily has a geographical component. In this type of search, the search engines look for a reliable and appropriate business that offers service based on the location of the user.

Both these types of SEO techniques do not essentially aim for the same place on the search engine results page.

Organic SEO aims at ranking high for a specific group of keywords. The main objective of local SEO is to create local listing packs. Local SEO is about getting listed at places where the potential customer may look for such as a forum, niche directories, and more.

What Type Of Businesses Are Ideal For Local Search And Organic Search?

Brick and mortar companies that have a physical workplace in a specific location would want to rank at the top places in a local search. On the contrary, businesses who want to show up on SERP for specific search terms and not a specific location would rank higher in organic search.


Local and Organic SEO are the ways by which your potential customers reach out to you. Both these types of SEO are related to each other. Depending on your audience, make the right selection to optimize the online presence of a business.

Anika Trey