Finding a good internet service can be tough, especially during this pandemic era where almost everything is now conducted online. Schools, work, medical assistance, on top of the usual online shopping and grocery.

For those residing in Boston, we have found one of the best Internet Service Providers in your area. If you already have one that works then great – for anybody looking to switch or in search of one, RCN is what you should subscribe to.

RCN provides its services to a handful of states across the US, so if you fall within the list then consider yourself lucky because they go the extra mile with assisting their customers. It is ranked as one the most beloved Internet, Cable TV and Home Phone service providers within its regions of operation.

Why Choose RCN


RCN uses a fiber network that allows customers to enjoy incredible internet speeds unlike any other. It offers several internet plans, some mixed with bundles including other RCN services, at different download speeds – and at affordable prices.

RCN Internet offers unlimited data to customers every month, with no mandatory contracts to bind anyone under any obligations. Subscription to their internet services also includes a free internet security site to protect your home network.

Digital TV

Anything from basic cable TV to a digital TV subscription, RCN has it all. Customers get the option to choose between RCN basic TV or RCN Signature TV – each with their own specifications and features. It offers a great mix of about 280 channels, including national and international networks all in HD.

Subscription to any Digital TV package opens customers to the options of watching Digital TV, an RCN On Demand library, and other streaming services like Netflix, You Tube and Spotify. It’s like an all-in-one entertainment system, so why would you need anything else?

Home Phone

A home phone may seem unnecessary to some people but a lot of them still do use it. With RCN Home Phone service, enjoy the features of a modern digital phone, nothing like the standard telephone from back in the day. With packages and plans that are easy on the pocket, customers can enjoy unlimited nationwide call time, including Canada. It features Digital Voicemail than can store 20 messages for 30 days.

RCN Home Phones have 17 features that prove very useful for organizing communication and calling. Some of these include: call waiting, call forwarding, voicemail, caller ID, call blocking, anonymous call rejection, and a thing called Nomrobo that can automatically block calls from telemarketers.

All RCN services offer plans and bundles that are affordable with the best and reliable service from their end. They aim to please customers and help them stay connected with their loved ones.

RCN Triple Play Package

RCN offers the perfect package at a monthly rate of $111.32. It includes all 3 services – RCN Internet, RCN Signature TV and RCN Phone.

The Triple Play package offers:

  • 250 Mbps Internet
  • Over 150 of America’s favorite channels
  • Unlimited nationwide calling with digital voicemail


RCN is ideal for the kind of features it offers with all three of its services. Imagine having unlimited call time and so many features that come with the home phone. Or watching TV on the go because RCN offers its own TV app called RCN2GO – available on Google Play and iOS App Store. And let’s not forget unlimited data capacity with its Internet service. All great services under one brand, what’s better than this?

Anika Trey